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Typism Book 8

$38.50 AUD


We are inspired by our global community and have brought together some of the world's best hand lettering, calligraphy, and typography, in a beautiful, crisp black and white book.

We hope to inspire and motivate you to create some beautiful works of your own.

The book is perfect bound and has a heavy-duty soft-touch matte-cello cover because we know you will look at it again and again. This is not a coffee table book, it is a book to be used and thumbed through every day.

The book is lovingly handmade, printed in, and shipped from Australia.

Black and White throughout
Softcover, perfect bound
Soft-touch matte cello coating
190+ pages of inspiration
Size: 224 x 147 mm

NB: If you order multiple copies, you will receive them in separate parcels and be charged once for postage.

This is a limited print run. Books One, Two and Three sold out, so grab your copy now!

HEADS UP! THIS IS THE AUSTRALIAN STORE. Please visit our International store if you don't live in Australia.

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